Final piece

I think that all decisions that affect society should be decided by direct democracy. This is because indirect democracy or representitive democracy is a type of democracy founded on the principle of elected officials representing a group of people. We are giving our future into their hands and this is not fair. In historical events women have fought for their right to vote and for that to be taken away from us is obssured. I think direct democracy is the cure for our society as voting has already caused alot of palave and a resulotion for this is voting.

There are many great things about direct democracy. Firstly, minorities are greately impacted. It is one thing when people are only voting for their representitive but a completely different one when they are actually the ones making the decisions on law. The minority groups in that country would never be able to make a change that would favour them and many of the things that are put into affect through direct democracy would not bear in mind their unique situations. Secondly, there is a better chance for change. In a representive democracy, the people have to instill their trust into a politcian. The politicians personal agenda often becomes before the promises that are made during their campaign to be elected. A direct demcracy lets the people's will truly be fulfilled and for the change that is needed to actually happen.


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