FINAL PIECE: Democracy speech


The public have a right to make decisions and we should have direct democracy from now on!

The motion is ‘All decisions that affect society should be decided by direct democracy'. I support this motion because I believe that direct democracy will bring the community closer together and will let the public decide what's best for their country and indirect democracy will divide the country and take longer for actions to be implemented.

As you are aware voting determines election outcomes and deciding which elected officials will be making the important decisions in our society. Elected officials establish the policies that directly and indirectly affect many areas of our lives such as taxes, health care, military operations, legal codes, education and food standards.

Voting gives each person the opportunity to express an opinion on a given matter and directly impact who is elected. Not voting, allows the choices and opinions of others to hold sway over our lives.

An example of direct democracy was in 2012, when Switzerland held a public vote whether to give a 4-6 week holiday to workers. 67% of people voted against it as they thought that this will affect their businesses. After reading this speech, I am sure you will understand the reasons behind my thoughts.

My first point to why I think direct democracy is the best option is that it has greater efficiency, rather than having parliament's debating weeks on end and not coming to any conclusions. As we currently seeing with the ‘Brexit-deal’, MPs argue back and forth for ages and cannot make their mind up. Parliament's votes leads to more questions, more polls and more parliamentary debates and votes. This can be very costly for the public.

Public voting is straight forward and simple. If the public get to vote, it will certainly be an efficient way to let the people of the British Nation help make important decisions in a fair and equal way.

Some may argue that the public just vote on something without knowing what's going on but direct democracy encourages the community to get involved with society, to learn how things operate on a national and political level. It gives the public a chance to review the policies and how it may impact their lives.

In America (2012) there were 241 million people of voting age, but only 130 million actually cast ballots in the general election, this was a turnout rate of just 58.6 percent! America’s turnout rate has been remarkably stable for the past 40 years, and the betting markets don’t seem to think this year will be much different. But we can change that! We can get everyone involved because everyone will be affected. Imagine the impact American citizens could have had if the remaining 41.4% voted, that is equivalent to over 90 million people. Now that you have heard this valuable point, I am sure you will take this knowledge in mind. Every vote matters, every vote counts, you the public can have impact. The course of politic is in your hand.

My next reason for agreeing to this motion is it promotes a well cooperative community. People have the power to speak out their opinion, and their voice needs to be heard by the government. It also ensures our elected politicians are accountable to the public, the public needs to be heard in ALL circumstances. Civic involvement and a meaningful society are created where informed decisions are not only made by the government but also by the public as well. Shouldn't the country stay united? The opposition may say that public voting cause’s fights in the community but it may solve them as well as nobody can argue with a decisions made by a majority public vote. However, there might have been a couple of incidents where the two parties fight for what they think but these arguments can be easily solved. Direct democracy can bring the community together. What I mean by this is when the UK has a big election, this gets everyone talking and it gets people reaching out to each other, talking about it. That is one of our main goals and that is what we want. Keeping this in mind, I am confident you will agree to this.

My last point to supporting direct democracy in the UK is that it is the people's country so the people should have a part in decisions. We have seen this happen before with Brexit. There are 66.04 million people in the UK and a total of 46.9 million people will be able to vote but there are only around 650 MPs and roughly 700-800 lords. Since 2016, thousands of people have turned 18 and are now legally allowed to vote on Brexit. Majority of them and other people want to be part of this topic but there hasn't been another referendum for them to take contribute to. Article 3 of the Human Rights clearly states that they can vote but this right is being restricted. The government is not giving the residents a chance to have their say and their freedom of speech. Surely this is not right.

In our lessons, I have been told that MPs had to read Theresa May's 585 page long Brexit deal and the public has not and the public should not be allowed to make decisions because MPs have more experience and knowledge. How unfair! The people of Britain should be part of the decision that affects Britain. If the decisions affect the people, the people should be encouraged to say what they think and have access to all resources to make informed decisions. As you can see, decisions should certainly be made with direct democracy.

Having decisions made quickly, bringing the community closer and letting the people of the UK have their voice and be heard are main reasons for direct democracy to be approved for all important decisions. Direct democracy is what will make the UK easier at making decisions and move forward to a positive and inclusive future.

Now that you have read my speech, I am positive that you will take this knowledge into account, and know that direct democracy is best for the country.


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