Final Piece


So first of all you might be wondering, what actually is direct democracy? Direct democracy is when all the people of a certain age can vote on what they think should happen. I think that we should always have direct democracy if the outcome will affect the public. This means that people will have a say in what their future will be like.

Indirect democracy doesn't let them have an individual vote and their future will be based on what the people's local Member of Parliament thinks the people in their constituency wants. MPs have to vote for whatever their party wants. I don't want to be controlled by someone who thinks they know what I want. I want to do it directly.

Brexit was an example of direct democracy. It was the first referendum and people were not given a clear understanding of what they were voting for. This doesn't mean it's a bad idea, just that the voters need to be more informed about what they are voting on before voting.

It would be mean that there would be lots of referendums to cover all the things that parliament does now and people would need to be informed but everybody would get a say in what will happen.