Final Speech


Today we would like to state the argument of whether the future decisions on Brexit should be decided by direct democracy.

This is because MPs have not allowed the PM to continue with the Brexit process.

We as a Nation are in trouble so we need to take control. So we should take responsibility our votes.

This is true because the Brexit process is supposed to be about us and for us. Don’t you think that this has gone on for too long?

Our MPs clearly cannot come to a decision, so we need to take control. How would you feel if somebody said that you had to go to bed at 6 o’clock every single night? This is what is happening with are MPs we have had no input in this process except for the word LEAVE. How do you feel a that these people are over-looking our opinions and stampeding over our PM. How is this ok?

By compassionate_avocado, strong_dolphin and calm_hedgehog.If there is any credit for this please spead it with all of us.

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  • global-conversation.png Government Boys Secondary School Jajjah Abbasian Khanpur Rahim Yar Khan | Pakistan
    09 Apr 2020


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