How could brexit effect diferant people.



BREXIT as we know will masively change our economy effecting everyone. Let's start of by talking about how leaving the EU will efect small buisneses, family or just small, it will efect buisness men or women by insuring that over 13,ooo small buisneses pay VAT for all goods/ items that have been imported from the EU after brexit. But before we dive too deep into the aguement can I say that some of the things on here may ether be out dated or some just may not end up happening. Now that we've done the small buisneses let us speak of the larger ones. Only 56% of buisneses say they are aware that they will have to make drastic changes in the way there buisneses are run and another 76% say that they are aware of the changes that they will have to face during the early stages of brexit but that still leaves a woping two thirds of the people who are yet to this day to make any changes what so ever. But some of the actual changes that might happen are that on the packaging of your items anything that may referance EU lecency will not be alowed though this might be one of the less likely things to happen though some of you may disergree wich is totally fine and another thing is that any of the people who's family or freinds are running a data transfering buisness would probaly like to listen to this one, and the change that will be happening to you guys is that tranfereing data to and from the EU will become infinantly more dificult. Now for those of you who are lucky anough to full under the catigry of the wealthy though lucky you may be it dosen't mean you won't have to go through some changes in your lifestyle when BREXIT finaly chooses to strike. And some of the changes you will have to go through are that you may actualy start loseing some of your wealth because of an increase in mortgage repaments and an increase in rental costs and it has been noticed that this one is for those of you who own a deisil or petrol car you may see an increase of prices in petroll stations by aproximately 2-3p so that's something you better look out for. And now finaly for those of you who are young or still at school/university/six form, it means that we as the knew generation wil have to take ont he struggle of brexit and have to fight the battle the gerneration before us failed to win, metoforically not a litraly war/fight,and we will have to be the one who must conquer the issue of brexit meaning it will effect us the most we will be the ones to suffer the most because our former genaration will not have to deal with the after math of there own creation, but we will also be the ones the ones to fix the the problem and will be the ones to live in the better world once the chaos is over and we will be the ones to prosper we will fix it, we will be the ones and we will live the better life, we can do this, now what do you think, do you think that we will be the ones, we we be the ones to fix this.

The extra bit at the bottom that people normaly skip but in this case is VERY IMPORTANT so you realy should read this bit:

Pleas remember that you can fully well disergree with what I have stated some may also think, which is perfectly fine that in the long run BREXIT will benifit wich I agree with I think in some cases it will and it will teach us many things as we learn to deal with this big pelava/colundrum.

P.S. please rember to give me your opinions and start an aguement with me about something that you may disergree about in the text I have just writen and are there any things that i have missed, i think theres probaly quite afew of those, and please reply/tell me what you thought in the replying/comments bit bellow. thank you for reading this :)

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    05 Apr 2019

    There are lots of great ideas in here and you have shown great curiosity by researching the possible consequences that Brexit might lead to. Remember that when we make claims, it's good to back them up with where you found out the information. Next time, please include links to the articles where you found your information!

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