How to spot fake news?

Well now in the BNC we look at different stuff about brexit so I thought it would be good to do this beacause you need to see how to spot fake news . Some people just believe the first thing they hear wich is not good so in this post I will list some stuff that you the BNC need to be aware of so read on if you want to know:-

So first check different websites(Ms Fielding told us to do)and read beyond.

Then, see the coments people have posted about the website(you will have on with a good review and a bad review and on most websites it says at the bottom more coments or reviews if you press that it will come up with all the positive and negative revies and comments.

Next ,check the author WHY because it could just be persom that is not mean't to be on the website or be doing stuff like that.

After that, see the people who are supporting that one website as it is the same for the top one I said

After, check the date because it could be after the actuall thing has happened so they could copy some ideas

So then,ask the experts so you could possibly ask the BNC for an example these people

Emily Evans

Tiffany Smyly

Olivia Platman

Claire Boston

Rose Palmer

These are people in the BNC that are here to help you.

Then after,check if it is a joke because most times on social media there are jokes on it they will say something and then say it is a joke just to make money .

So basically that is all that I have to say

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