Well first ,we are going to leave the EU this year 2019 March 29th but will this make things easier for us to do our business.In my opinion I think no because all the the things we want to buy will become much more expensive and lots more things will be dicused .The tow things that are being discused are : imagration control and the single marketve

Imagration is when people move from one city to onother to work and live there.So our president wants some more control over our boarders to limit the people the people coming to live here from the EU since they have the rights to come here in the UK.

The single market is when we have to pay tax but if we are in the EU we don't have to pay tax while we are trading with other contrys .If we leave the EU we have to pay tax when we trade but if we leave the single market and the EU we only trade tax.

So now you know what are the conditions when we leave the EU.

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