Is Democracy Always The Best Choice?


Democracy may seem like a good idea but what if the people don't understand what they are voting for?

For example, with Brexit, many voters were not sure of what they were voting for and some believed misinformation from the two campaigns. One of the main reasons to vote Leave, for example, was that the money saved from leaving the EU will result in the NHS getting £350m a week. Nigel Farage later disowned the pledge saying it was “one of the mistakes” that had been made by those wanting us to leave. This made the people who voted 'Leave' very angry. Some may say 'Democracy is the most successful political idea in the world. Democracy allows ordinary people a decisive say in who governs a country and how they govern it.' It is based on a system of government by all the citizens of a country, typically exercised through elected representatives. I agree with this point because ordinary people all get a say about who gets to run the country so every one gets to collaborate about their opinions.

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