is indirect democracy, Fair?


In my opinion indirect democracy is REALLY unfair here is why

Lets start by saying that i think everyone should to be able to say their say. If we look at Brexit we should have Direct Democracy,because well the people who live in Britain Need to have a say/vote because they are living there. I understand that the many of the MPs do diagree with Theresa May but if they say what their point of view plus our vote will just show clearly what we have to do.....

My opinion of Brexit is that no we should not leave the EU.Firstly eveything is going to get a lot ,more expensive because many food that we have are from other countries and we all like somthing that prombly is not from Britain. Like cheese from France or Milk from Spain. Also i think Theresa May needs to think more about the children because if we leave the EU we can't go to Spain that easily to do a study or university ( we can still go but it will harder)

Please comment what you think!!

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