Leave or Remain; Younger or Older


In 2016 we had the decision to vote on the referendum , 48.1% of people wanted to remain and 51.9% wanted to leave. The result of the vote meant that we would leave the EU.

Recently Lord Ashcroft, a businessman, made a poll. This poll was to show the diffference of people who wanted to remain on the EU between the ages of 18 - 65. Here are the results of this survey:

18-24 - 73% wanted to remain.

25-34 - 62% wanted to remain.

35-44 -52%, over half the people in this category, wanted to remain.

45-54 - 44% wanted to remain.

55-64 - 43% wanted to remain.

65+ - 40% wanted to remain.

I think that the rest of the 65+ wanted to leave because they knew that the NHS would get lots more money. They believed the lies that the MP’s told and as we know the NHS did not get the money that people said they would. This is a reason why older people would vote as people could get better health care.

I think the younger people wanted to remain as they might've not understood Brexit as much as the older people. Also, according to the BBC, if there was a second referundum the younger people would vote remain as of the current issues with Brexit.

I have realised from the poll that most younger people wanted to remain in the EU and the der people wanted to leave more than remain.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    02 Apr 2019

    Hi harmonious_seahorse,

    Good research into the breakdown of voters.

    Can you find any evidence to support the reasons you say younger and older people chose to vote a certain way?

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