My Democracy Speech

I believe that every decision that is to do with brexit should be decided by direct democracy as direct democracy lets everyone have their say and lets the UK to have a clear instruction. There are 66.04 million people in the UK and a total of 46.9 million people will be able to vote but there are only 650 MPs and 800 lords this means that people should take the chance to vote. If all decisions related to brexit are decided by direct democracy it would help young people now have a chance to say what they want in the future because in the future years young people are going to have a career and we want what's best for them. The reason i believe that direct democracy is best is because the MPs are still discussing what deal is best, if there should be a second referendum; what i think is that the people should decide what deal the EU and UK should use, if there should be a second referendum and when they decide what they will do the MPs will carry out the people's plan, as this is the MPs job to make people's plans work. Another reason is that everyone who votes will have a fair chance to do something they want. Direct democracy doesn't mean people will fight over something it's just a fair way to decide something. And for my final point i think we must let decisions about brexit be decided by direct democracy because Brexit will affect everyone in the UK; like in Ireland, people are discussing what to do if they leave the EU as if they do it is most likely that a hard border will occur. These are all the reason all decisions that is to do with Brexit must be decided by direct democracy.

(Please forget about the other final about decisions i thought we could choose what we wanted to do)

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