My opinion on brexit


(This post is about my opinions i'm not trying to make anyone upset or angry)

why i want to stay in the EU

In my opinion, Brexit is something i do not really like.I would rather stay in the EU, instead of leaving it; i think its just causing a big fuss and is making some people upset.Nobody knows whats going to happen since Britain is the first to leave the EU and no other country has done it.Trading and money is a big problem, we might not be able to get things from other places, stuff like...

  • Medication
  • Food like strawberries and bannanas
  • Meat
  • and other

Why i want to leave the EU (i mostly want to stay)

On the other hand i want to leave the EU because Britain will get their own laws.I mostly want to stay though because most people from diffrent countries are a little worried about what will happen,including me.

What i think will happen next because of brexit

I think that brexit might be delayed.Im not sure that this is true but i think we might have another vote.

I belive that many prices food and supplies might go up and cost more money because we have left the EU.

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