• What will happen when Brexit is over?
  • When will Brexit be over?
  • How would Brexit affect the civilians in the British Nation?
  • Did Brexit happen in the past?
  • Is Brexit tearing this country apart?

Thank you for reading my post! I hope you answer some of my questions! Hopefully, i'll create another post answering some of your questions that you would like to ask me!


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  • Ben-Jonson-logo-250x250.jpg inquisitive_dog | Ben Jonson Primary School
    29 Mar 2019

    1 Question well it depends if the majority vote to leave the EU then we will be leaving and if the majority votes to stay we will stay in the EU!
    2 Question Im not sure probably when eveyone is one the same page and me decide on one thing.
    4 Questions im not sure but i don think so you can look it out of google it probably will tell you!
    5 Question in my opinion i think it is everyone is crazy about it and in my opinion i think that if we had one more vote most people would vote to stay!

    My question ..
    What going to happen with Theresa May when Brexit ends?
    and if we vote to stay in the EU what will happen to her?

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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg talented_cookie | Birchwood C of E Primary School | United Kingdom
    10 Apr 2019

    1. I'm not to sure what will happen when Brexit is over but if we think about it then everything would be normal and nothing will cost more money from when the MP's ( Member of Parliament ) told the cases of Brexit.
    2. Brexit might be over when the MP's finally decide on something together about it and if they don't agree still then they might just end Brexit.
    4. I don't think that Brexit has happened in the past but it all started when people complained about other people coming from different countries and spending money so in 2016, there was something made called Brexit all about the complains.
    5. Brexit is a serious deal in the UK and it had been making people from different countries who are in England, think about if they should leave to their country or keep on going from the vote in 2016. the vote was 48.1% voting to stay and 51.9% against it.

    If we did leave the EU then th prices would go up everywhere higher in England and the people who live in England are also doing something bad to themselves aswell, not only other people!

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