My Speech: 'All decisisions should be decided by direct democracy.'


Democracy is a form of voting. It started in Ancient Greece when they made up the phrase; Demos and Kratos, Demos(people) Kratos (rule).

I oppose this motion. Lots refurendums are about decisions that need to be decided by the country and for good reason. In Thereasa May's first brexit deal, a 585 document everybody would be expected to read the paper, that could be instead of work or homework. There is almost a vote every day, lots of polling staition are in schools that would mean hardly education if yourschool is used as a polling station.

Some people may argue that, voting in direct democracy is very necessary but I suggest that they change their mind.

What would you do if you were an MP?

What would your job be?

The whole point of being an MP is that you represent your constituency, not to sit around in parliament doing nothing.I respect that many people wanttheir views to be heard but I think that this would be hard for MPs.

This is why I believe that no one decisions should be decided by democracy.

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