Direct democracy is when a decision about how a country is run is decided by everyone.

Eventhough that sounds very good I don`t think it should be applied to all decisions we make about society. Some people might disagree so I`m going to tell you why I think this way

Polititians make many decisions every week. Imagine that every day after work when you are exhausted you have to worry about what you`re going to vote for. And imagine how much time it would take to get and count all the votes.

Also having so many votes would make it easier for hackers to learn how to get in the system and the country would be run by them.

I understand that some people say that MP`s don`t really represent them because all of them are white middle aged men. For example a young woman might think this but in the end it was her who voted that MP so people should leave prejudices aside and be confident in what their MP is doing

My final point is that people think that they know more than they actually do about politics. For example Brexit. It was voted to leave the EU but many people now want to change their vote. Another good example is Donald Trump. People thought there was no way he was going to be elected so people didn`t go to vote and we know what happened.