People's reactions.


How would different people react to Brexit and what it has in stalk for us?

(All fictional opinions)

Person 1: A wealthy, UK citizen who voted to leave the does and looks down on those poorer than him.

Person 2: A young British girl who voted to stay in the EU and liked new people and opportunities.

Person 3: An elderly make refugee who came to England to escape his war torn background. He did not get a day but hopes the UK remain.

Person 4: A middle aged woman who didn't bother to vote because she thought her vote didn't count. She is now confused but liked the sound of quieter streets.

Should there be another referendum?

Person 1: No, we voted to leave so it is not fair that many youngsters who don't understand what is going on, don't agree about what is going on and talk themselves and their friends into many silly ideas. They don't know what's good for them and considering that I, a successful Englishman know what I'm doing, I say we should stick to the rules that have always been the rules, and let the experienced landowners vote for the good of the country.

Person 2: Yes, voting again will help people realise their mistakes! They will know where they made a mistake and vote correctly this time. There will be NO MORE STRESS over Brexit and all that comes with the whole idea of Britain exiting. The EU don't want us to leave, a or large amount of the country didn't want to leave, people that didn't get a day don't want us to leave, and listing to what younger people say is better as ultimately, it will effect us, not them.

Person 3: Yes, I may not get a day but I do know what is good for me and many people like me, who came to this country to have basic human rights. Someone coming and shooting me out is , to some extent murdering me, as that is what will happen if I am thrown back. The 2% majority is too little to affect the lives of many refugees like me. I know what they would be voting for if they lived like I do.

Person 4: No, I don't know what to do but I do know the rules and it is not fair to have another vote, just because the outcome is not fair. We do want a quieter country. I like foreign goods and many of my family members go to other countries for refuge. But I know, as a woman, what it is like to have your mouth shut just because others think differently. Another vote is not fair.

Should refugees be given a voice?

Person 1: No. There are SO many, (why we should leave the EU) polling stations will be overflowing with people that don't even speak the language, forget about the good of many British men who truly know what is good for the country. Refugees came over because they can't deal with pressure on their own country. So we give them OUR country and let them take up OUR streets and spend OUR money which us, good English men work hard to earn for our country.

Person 2: No, we don't want too many people making decisions that they don't know about properly. I spend a lot of time with people that don't come from here originally and they don't really understand what is going on, however they are great to talk to and I enjoy listening to them and giving my opinion based on what they think and believe in. Some refugees might only vote for the good of them, unlike we did when some people voted to stay in to make sure we keep the lovely range of people here in the UK.

Person 3: Yes, I know what's going on, and I can vote for myself. The decision will effect ME so I think it is fair that as an adult I can make decisions for myself. My voice should be heard as they don't know what it's like being a refugee, so listening to us will really help them realise what life is like, and how we can change what's going on in the world. I think that we should be given the right to vote, no matter if we look, speak or act differently. Us refugees can really change people's lives, think about the story of the mouse and the lion, one tiny and the lion said that HE couldn't help him in any way. He saved the lion's life.

Person 4: Yes, refugees should be heard as we can learn something g from them. I didn't vote and now I can't have my say. I am angry about that and can sympathise with other people who didn't even get the CHANCE to vote. At least I could if I wanted to. Refugees came here for a better life. Stopping them from having a better one is cruel, they may as well go back to where ever they came from and be part of a rejected people team. Refugees are people that live in this country, they should be given the chance to say what they think.

If you were prime minister, what would you do?

Person 1: I would leave the EU as soon as we can, and show May that SOME people know how to be in charge of a country. May isn't being the stubborn Prime Minister we need,we need someone who can show other countries that we don't give up. And as for all of this protesting, I'd make it a crime to march around the streets screaming for another referendum that was won fairly for one side. As prime minister, I would make it my job to chose whether we leave or not. Luckily, there were enough good, British people think we what was best for the country.

Person 2: If I were made prime minister, I would hold another referendum after explaining what voting to leave the EU means for us and the country. The decision would effect not the elderly people voting to leave, but us youngster who voted to stay in our own behalf. People that voted to leave didn't vote for the country, they voted for themselves unlike us who voted to stay so that not only us but the whole country would get the fantastic mix of people that we luckily have now, and won't have if we leave the European union.

Person 3: The first thing I would do if I were prime minister, would be to allow refugees to speak for themselves in the referendum we'd have after. I have already said that, like the decision would affect the young more than the old, it would also effect us refugees. That way, we would have people voting with the knowledge of the terrible experiences we have had. The prime minister doesn't know what it's like, so by giving a refugee a tiny bit of power, the country will become much fairer and everyone will be much more aware of the terrible circumstances some people are living in.

Person 4: As prime minister, I would give everybody in the country with the right to, but didn't vote as they might've not realised how much their vote counted. That way, people can't argue about parliament rejecting the outcome of the referendum, but there may also be another chance that we don't leave the EU. Us people who didn't vote would get the chance to me maybe learn from our mistakes. Now, I will always value my vote, and be grateful to people like Emmeline Pankhurst who have us the right to.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    18 Mar 2019

    Well done for showing excellent open-mindedness. You have really considered how other people would feel about this, well done.
    For the rest of the BNC: are there any people that impartial_panda_bear has written about who you feel similar to? Is there any point of view that you really disagree with? Can you explain further?

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    1. Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg powerful_shark | Boutcher C of E Primary School A | United Kingdom
      Olivia @ Topical Talk's comment 26 Mar 2019

      I am impartial_panda_bear's friend, and I really do think that most people are angry about this consequential problem. Some people vote for REMAIN , and some vote for LEAVE but then change their mind about this.

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    2. Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg believable_introduction | Boutcher C of E Primary School A | United Kingdom
      Olivia @ Topical Talk's comment 07 Apr 2019

      (This is not to do with any of the questions). I think that the MP's should hold another referendum because the citizens who voted leave should think about the consequences: we get some of our food from different places around the world, like bananas if Brexit happens we won't have any more of the food like that. In conclusion, I think that the MP's should hold another referendum because if the citizens of the country vote without thinking about the consequences, it has an impact on everyone else's future, especially the ones who don't get a say.

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