Questions about Brexit


What is Brexit?

Brexit stands for British Exit and it was made to see if people wanted to leave the EU or if they wanted to stay. The voting was very close 48.1% voting to stay and 51.9% wanting to leave. When they have voted 51.9% against it, the people who live in England are not just doing things to other people from different countries but to themselves aswell.

What is the EU?

The EU stands for European Union and it contains 28 countries.

The countries are:

  • Austria joined in 1995
  • Belgium joined in 1958
  • Bulgaria joined in 2007
  • Croatia joined in 2013
  • Cyprus joined in 2004
  • Czech Republic joined in 2004
  • Denmark joined in 1973
  • Estonia joined in 2004
  • Finland joined in 1995
  • France joined in 1958
  • Germany joined in 1958
  • Greece joined in 1981
  • Hungary joined in 2004
  • Ireland joined in 1973
  • Italy joined in 1958
  • Latvia joined in 2004
  • Lithuania joined in 2004
  • Luxembourg joined in 1958
  • Malta joined in 2004
  • Netherlands joined in 1958
  • Poland joined in 2004
  • Romania joined in 2007
  • Slovakia joined in 2004
  • Solvenia joined in 2004
  • Spain joined in 1986
  • Sweden joined in 1995
  • United Kindom joined in 1973

What are the cases of Brexit?

The cases of Brexit is that if you were having a baby or going to the shop to buy some food or other things then it wont cost the normal price but it would cost more than it used to. They may also might not believe you if you said you were from England!

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