Questions About Brexit


Since Brexit is unknown when to stop , hundreds and hundreds of people ask about it in the most detailed way , but nobody ever gets round to them . So instead , we'll answer/research* the questions below :

  • Even though the referendum had already passed 3 years ago , what are they still focusing on ? Have they got to do with Brexit ?
  • What is the evidence that article 50 is going to extend ?
  • What type of impact will Brexit have on the NHS ?
  • What are the consequences going to be after the UK leaves the EU ?

It would be very nice for you to leave a question down below because I will check the post daily so I can comment on them . And if I have a question , I will come back onto the post to write it down and anybody can feel free to answer to it .

I am very eager to see your comments ! :D

*If you would like to , you can reasearch the answers because I would LOVE to find out your results , whether it is right or wrong .

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