Should all decisions be decided by direct democracy?


I oppose this motion. This is because direct democracy is when all decisions are made by allowing all citizens to vote on something, rather than just the Parliament. One example why this is an inferior idea is because Brexit was decided by all people living in the UK. Direct democracy was used for this, and it is obvious how this left the Government, Parliament, and most importantly us; confused and tangled like a cat’s cradle.

Another example of why I disagree with this statement is that direct democracy was not what the United States Constitution had envisioned for the nation: they saw danger in absolutism of the majority. As a result, they advocated a representative democracy (also known as indirect democracy) in the form of a constitutional republic over a direct democracy. This means the U.S.A also had second thoughts about this.

In conclusion, I think some decisions may be decided by direct democracy, however sometimes this type of democracy may actually be a hindrance to a decision.