Should all decisions that affect society be decided by direct democracy?


What I mean by this is that all of the decisions and discussions that are made that effect the society should be decided by everyone.We've seen this happen when in Brexit everyone in the UK (the united kingdom) over the age of eighteen had a chance to vote about if they wanted to stay or if they wanted leave.Another example is when Scotland had a chance to stay or leave but they chose to carry on and stay here.

Some people could say that we should support indirect democracy becauce they know more about these difficult issues then citizens of the world and that the MPs can help more than we can to other people. However i disagree with this because i think that everyone thas a voice most people have an intriguing point of view. I think that when people say that MPs know more information about these difficult decisions, i am opposite to their motion because some people could of retired from the government and they can't automatically forget all of the information they have learnt and they know from the government, that is why i feel opposite about this motion.

Direct democracy is when everyone gets a chance to speak and tell everybody their piont of view, if we didn't have a chance to speak lots of people could disagree and it could change their life.Indirect democracy is where only the people at the house of governors have a say and decide important decisions.

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