Should all votes be decided by direct democracy?


Direct democracy is when the whole country votes on a matter - this can be a referendum or an election. I disagree with this statement because the public may be misinformed. For example, there are some people that spread "fake news" or rumours across the internet. This can be seen in the nigerian election campaign where both parties have been using propaganda to get people to vote for them. One example is that someone started spreading rumours that a girl who was being held captive - after all other girls had been released-had died. This was soon across the whole internet ; however, the rumours were put out by the government.

In addition, the MP's may be only telling the public part of the story. An example of this is Brexit. The public had a majority of 52% and this happenned because everyone was not told. We were not told that the process would be this lengthy and tiresome. We were also not told that we would have to go through this much negotiation and would not just leave the EU immediately.

In conclusion, I believe that this would be a bad decision as the public may be misinformed or the MP's may be trying to fix the vote. However, I do not disagree with direct democracy - just all decisions being decided this way.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    03 Apr 2019

    Well done for developing your reasons with original examples!

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  • Ravenscroft-logo-250x250.jpg magical_crab | Ravenscroft Primary School
    07 Jun 2019

    This is so good you should deserve a star

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  • Braiswick Primary School succinct_leaves | Braiswick Primary School
    18 Oct 2019

    I think it is okay for decisions to be decided by direct democracy as this gives people the chance to express their opinions and ideas on the matter. This is also good in the sense that if a decision, which uses democracy, can't be deemed unfair as everyone got their say and to express themselves. However, I do agree that not all decisions should be judged by everyone and everyone gets a say. I do believe democracy is right but it isn't fair if it is used all the time. This is because if there was a decision where the government thinks that the community might not give the right ideas then they can decide on it themselves as the MPs will definitely give the reasonable decisions because they are well-trained as it is their job - in short, MPs can give better ideas sometimes.

    Overall, I do agree with this post and I think it is well-researched and tells me some information I didn't already know.

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    1. tom Tom @ Topical Talk
      succinct_leaves's comment 21 Oct 2019

      A careful analysis of the concept of democracy, succinct_leaves! What kinds of decisions should not be left to democracy?

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