Should we have a second refurendum ?


I think we should have one and we shouldn't. Here are my reasons.

For- I think that we should have one beacuse people might have not thought through the consequences thouroughly before making their vote. No one expected this much to happen even narrowly missing a no deal brexit by 308 for 312 against.! There was a majority for the vote but not a big majority it was really close. the original vote for brexit 48 % remain 52% leave it was very close. Mps and the public are now facing consequeces that they didnt think of before they voted. I feel sorry for Thersa May beacuse she didnt start the whole brexit commotion David Cameron did but now he is not the prime minister anymore so he put it into Theresa Mays deals. But brexit is being handled very poorly so they might want a second vote beacuse they dont want this chaos anymore and they have had enough of it.

Against- I think we shouldnt have a second vote beacuse the majority that voted voted tho leeave and if we had a second refurendum it would be quite unfair to the people who voted to leave beacuse leave means leave and if we have another vote people might vote to stay but actually the first vote was won by the leave people. Theresa May said that we would spend more on the NHS which is what alot of leave people wanted beacuse they care about their healthcare (im not saying that remain people dont care about their healthcare but they would rather stay.)

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    20 Mar 2019

    Great reasoning! You might want to check out the answers from our Expert on Democracy and see what they have to say on this issue.

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