Should we have another referendum?


After inspiration from A recent session, we considered a certain deal or idea that o but put us out of this mess. But what are the pros and cons of...

another vote on our withdraw?!?

Yes! Another vote will solve everything!

The whole idea of 'Britain's exit' was not very well explained. No one knew what they were signing up for. Cameron decided to hold a vote, because he thought it was a silly idea that ANYONE would want to leave. He was wrong. People did want to leave, but they only saw the...

"Quieter country, more deals available without everyone agreeing, more opportunities, don't travel much ( remember lots of the people who voted to leave would be been elderly - they might not travel) so that sort of trouble won't effect me. This deal is something we have been needing for a long time"

Most people wouldn't mind that too much. Think about it. If someone said

"do you want a quieter country and a chance to make deals more freely?"

You would probably say


There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with that.

At the moment.

People didn't know it would stop the trading we have. People didn't know that prices would go up. People didn't know that (those who did) it would be harder to go on holiday in different counties. All these things weren't mentioned because...

  • People would be less likely to vote to leave if they knew.
  • Cameron thought that people didn't NEED to know (in his head it's obvious no one would leave).
  • Everyone was so confused and sound up in their own ideas, they had no space for open-mindedness, and decided to vote for what was good for them. Not the many people who weren't born here living in this country. Not the people born here but living somewhere else. Not the young people wanting to make new friends. Not the people who can't afford to pay the bills that may but go up.

Yes, we all have our own opinions, but should one person's slightly selfish perspective, change the life of someone else?

If we had another vote people would know this. Brexit has caused many problems. It's torn families apart, broken hearts, made people worried, anxious and upset. Who knows, people may be doing it for a joke.

"Who would be mad enough to vote to leave? Let's do it for fun!" They say.

"Our vote doesn't count, it doesn't make a difference."

but that didn't happen, did it. Most people would be happy. The EU, people who didn't know what they were doing and just voted randomly, parliament who no longer argued continually in indirect democracy, people who voted to stay and people who thought they had to leave the country they were perfectly happy in. A new vote would sort everything out.

No. Leave, is leave.

What about the people who passionately voted to stay? What about the people who knew what they were doing? Not everyone will be happy. People knew what they were doing, and we will get some good things out of the withdraw. We will no lo get have busy streets, there will be more money, we should soon make another deal and we'll have loads more opportunities than before, where if one country didn't agree, we wouldn't get the deal.

It will effect young people, yet they don't know what they are voting for. We do. We KNOW, as a parent or family friend, that crossing the road when a car is coming is not a good idea for our children, and we also I know that leave remaining in the EU is not a good idea.

We can't have another vote just because SOME people don't like the outcome. Leave is leave, and like every referendum, we do what the majority want. The majority said "leave" and that's what's fair. No one will ever be happy with the outcome. There will always be SOMEONE who DOESN'T want to leave or DOES. So, just because they didn't get what they wanted, the group that won fairly suffer? That's not fair!

We have our reasons for leaving. We know what we want. We only won by 2%, but we won. If we did another vote, people might've been talked into voting different, when really, they had their own opinion and didn't need to change their mind.

A vote is the only fair way to do things, and if a majority won, they won and we should listen to them. If the government wanted to vote for themselves, they could. They didn't HAVE to hear us speak and we spoke. This was our choice, and another referendum is NOT the fair way to decide what happens next for the UK, the country that has voted to and WILL leave the EU.

My opinion.

One idea: I don't think it's fair for another referendum to be held, as the outcome was something that many people (me included) aren't too happy about. Yet if we stay because people have voted differently (and they might not) then others won't be happy. However, an idea people had in my session, was that if we hold another referendum, then we can push back the date of the day the European union want all this dithering to end.

Another idea: Parliament could have a vote amongst themselves about what happens next (indirect democracy) but give the idea of leaving a few extra forebears the the public vote's (direct democracy) decision.

So what will happen to the UK now?

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