Should we leave it up to the MPs?

What’s happening?

In this current issue, Brexit, people are not happy with results , of even there own MPs! An MP is somebody who represents a group of people. For example, Helen Jones, is the MP who represents Warrington North. How did she get the job? Well, there is an type of vote called an election. Where you listen to people’s thoughts of what they can do, then, vote for the person who you would like to represent you. All the MPs go to a special place, and put in there votes on our behalf. But are our MPs doing this the way we want?

Direct Democracy

Direct democracy is a type of democracy ( fair vote) where people get to say there thoughts, directly. This means where nobody is voting on their behalf. An example; When Brexit happened, everyone had a say, a thought. They didn’t have to reveal it to anyone. So everybody who wanted to take part , pug in their own vote.

Indirect Democracy

Indirect democracy is where you have somebody voting for you. So in Brexit, a few days after the votes, the MPs are voting for you. They do this by, knocking on your door and asking or putting up posters. You can remember the two by thinking, you have an arrow, and you throw it directly at the target, where you wanted it to go. That’s direct democracy, but when you have someone throw that arrow for you, and might sometimes miss the target ( goal). That’s indirect democracy.

Why I Think It Isnt Fair

The MPs are voting for us, to represent us. But are they doing it right? A lot of the MPs are voting on what their people want, like Ruth Smeet who took up her vote to vote on what her people wanted, but some aren’t doing that.

If someone votes for you, shouldn’t their vote be the same as the majoritys?

Thinking Questions

  • Do you think it’s fair or not?
  • If the MPs voted on what the majority want, Wouk it be better?
  • Is the majority always the way to go?
  • What would happen if there was another Direct Democracy?

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