Ladie's and gentlemen of the house, our society should make more decisions. As leaders we should think more about the public. We are MP's we need to do what's best for them, anyway, it is their future. As you all know know, direct democracy is where we let our society vote on what will affect them. If the public vote then there won't be as much mayhem, this WOULD make our lifes much easier. We are dividing the U.K apart and need to do something about it. What I mean by this is if we carry on like this the U.K won't be taken seriously. If we want to be good leaders this is our chance, but think about the public it IS there disision so, whether we like it or not stick to the rules. People might say we are bad leaders, however, i think that we are only being the best MP's that we can be and are the most responsible. Does your society want to end up like this? We need to make a change.

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