Speech Responding to the motion ' all decisions that affect society should be decided by direct democracy'

My hounarable friends, politicions and Prime Minister,

Should all desicions that affect society be decided by direct democracy?

I support this action because I think that all important decisions, should be decided by direct democracy since we live in this country and we are the country. If you did not know, direct democracy or pure democracy is a form of democracy in which people decide on policy initiatives directly. On the other hand, indirect democracy is when someone makes a decision on someone else’s account. Furthermore, the government have been taking too long with Brexit. The original date for Brexit to take place was 29th March 2019. However, Parliament has delayed this for too long now.

In addition to this, Brexit negotiations began on 29 March 2017 when the United Kingdom served the withdrawal notice under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. This started a two-year negotiation period. Still, Britain’s PM- Theresa May has not been able to negotiate on a deal. This means Britain has a very big chance not to have a deal and end up with a 'no deal Brexit'. Desperate, Theresa May has told MPs that if they vote for her next deal, she will stand down after Brexit.

Although MPs have been chosen to represent their location, it would be much fairer if the citizens of a country/location can decide what goes on there, after all, it would affect them the most! An example of direct democracy from Brexit could potentially be the referendum held in 2016, to decide if Britain should leave the European Union or not. Also, another example of direct democracy, globally, is when Switzerland had held a referendum, for workers holidays to be risen from four weeks to six. However, 67% of people had voted against; they thought it would affect business’.Moreover, an example of indirect democracy from brexit is happening now; when the MPs are deciding on deals, on our account, I believe instead of them deciding what we want let us do it ourselves!

So if we agree or disagree we all should respect others opinions and thoughts this would link to brexit because ,In my opinion, Theresa May is not taking our opinions into account! Furthermore, she has tried to convince the MPs, in parliment, to say yes on the deals she has made, but if she lets the people of the UK decide and vote on the deals she may get herself promoted worldwide and people may start to like what she is doing.

To conclude, I think that all desicions that affect society, which are most desicions, should be decide by direct democracy and that people should get a say on important decisions. Moreover, our basic human rights quote that we can have our say and that people should take it seriously. This is why I urge our Prime Minister to let the citizens of our country to decide because she is taking too long now.