stay or leave?



what is brexit ? what is all this talk about brexit? why is it such a big deal?

brexit. on thursday the 23 of june 2016 britian voted for britan to exit or stay into the european union.

the vote was 48% to 52% to leave .

brexit is so much of a deal because of political, economic and social repucussions.

Prime Minister Theresa May is talking to the EU in an attempt to get some changes to her Brexit deal.

This comes after MPs put forward some suggestions to try to change the direction of Brexit.

It means Mrs May is now focused on sorting out a row over Irish border arrangements.

The problem? The EU says it has already negotiated a deal.

Mrs May has said MPs will be able to have a second vote on a Brexit deal by 12 March.

If MPs reject her deal again, they will be asked to vote on whether they would like to leave the EU without a deal instead (they are expected to say no to this).

If they do say no, Mrs May will ask MPs to vote on whether the leaving date of the 29 March should be pushed back.

Mrs May has said the latest it would go to is the end of June and that would "almost certainly" be a one-off

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    01 Mar 2019

    Thanks for your post! Don't forget that each new post should be on a new Brexit-related topic or question so that we don't have numerous posts on the same thing. Thanks!

  • John-Ray-logo-250x250.jpg free_memory | John Ray Junior School
    01 Mar 2019


    1. John-Ray-logo-250x250.jpg active_mouse | John Ray Junior School
      free_memory's comment 02 Mar 2019

      Yea why is it a big deal?

      1. Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg entertaining_strawberry | Birchwood C of E Primary School | United Kingdom
        active_mouse's comment 09 Mar 2019

        Brexit is a big deal because it could effect others life’s! There are multiple consequences for either way, and not everyone is happy about hem.
        Brexit is short for Britain Exit, an act in which Britain leaves the EU- European Union.
        The consequences for leave I have gathered could effect many lives and even make people leave! Ideas include;
        •Finding a way to separate Southern and Northen Ireland,
        By this I mean, they are different countries, and made a Black Friday promise to never build a border. This alone puts slot of pressure into Theresa May.
        •Tax raises
        If we leave the EU, we won’t be able to free trade, we might, if we have the same lass, be able to, but by what people are saying- we can make our own laws, it doesn’t seem like that’s a possibility. If we can’t free trade, buying items from our shops will be more expensive, meaning our taxs go up.

        The consequences for staying are,
        •To big populations
        By this, I mean the number of people living in Britain will rise. Lots of people are coming into Britain from other countries and can do it whenever. If we have to many people, health services will get crammed.

        I hope this explained fully what the big deal of Brexit is, and reasoned my ideas well enough.

    2. The-Ruth-Gorse-logo-250x250.jpg balanced_singer | The Ruth Gorse Academy | United Kingdom
      free_memory's comment 03 Mar 2019

      Ten reasons why Brexit is such a big deal by balanced_singer
      1. We’re leaving the EU after years and years of support from them.
      2. They helped us heal after decades of war.
      3. We have multiple different trade partners who are in the EU.
      4. Many young people who were planning to study abroad may not be able to do that any more.
      5. David Cameron had resigned due to the outcome of the referendum.
      6. Theresa May is spending ages looking for a Brexit deal
      7. We may have a shortage of food after Brexit
      8. Lots of different people are ( very ) angry because of the outcome of the referendum
      9. The vote was really close
      10. It’s a very big change

  • John-Ray-logo-250x250.jpg active_mouse | John Ray Junior School
    02 Mar 2019

    Who is the MPs?

  • John-Ruskin-logo-250x250.jpg flowing_science | John Ruskin
    06 Mar 2019

    I choose stay

  • Richmond-Hill-logo-250x250.jpg kind_hurricane | Richmond Hill Academy | United Kingdom
    07 Mar 2019

    i choose to leave

  • Beverley-St-Nicholas-logo-250x250.jpg wonderful_argument | Beverley St Nicholas Primary School A | United Kingdom
    07 Mar 2019

    If I was over 18 I would stay in the UK because I like it here and its where I grew up and I don't want to leave my home because I have loads of memorys here !

  • Beverley-St-Nicholas-logo-250x250.jpg consistent_wolf | Beverley St Nicholas Primary School A | United Kingdom
    07 Mar 2019

    I think we should stay, I will give you 5 reasons:

    1. We need medicine and certain medicine are from abroad
    2. People that like there fruit particular bananas, grapes and a few more are from abroad
    3. Chocolate is from abroad because you get coco beans from abroad, I no a lot of people like chocolate
    4. A lot of people that a nurses dentist are foreign and they can be from abroad

    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      consistent_wolf's comment 07 Mar 2019

      You make good points but are the things you mention from EU countries? If not, we can assume that things won't change.

  • Beverley-St-Nicholas-logo-250x250.jpg consistent_badger | Beverley St Nicholas Primary School A | United Kingdom
    07 Mar 2019

    I choose stay as the shortage of food will affect our relatives who are younger, young children awaiting their wild future and adults who will struggle to keep their kids on the right line to grow up into a healthy adult or teenager, also we will have seas to fish but we will have no sales to sell them at due to us selling them to EU and countries inside of their areas, this is a big deal in my opinion.

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