The Brexit problems


The problem with Brexit is that not everyone can vote, for example what if some forty year old votes, and he has no idea, no expirienxe of what Brexit can and will do. then say you have a twelve year old, hey he may be under the voting age but he might have studied Brexit, he might know what can and will happen, but can he vote? No.In my personal opinion I recon that the government sould have another vote, another decicion, this time (and this time only) the people of britain who have a clear idea and understanding of brexit should be aloud to vote -of course along with the othe citizens-who have a weak understanding of Brexit and what it could perminently do to our country and the future lives of the current youth.

Another problem with Brexit is that the vote was three years ago so people that may have voted to stay and or leave may have 'passed on' in that three year period so what is to happen to thier votes? should they be preserved or better yet (anoter one of my opinions) thier votes should be goven to the sixteen or fifteen year olds or (maybe yonger) who were educated on Brexit, and therefor will have better knowledge on Brexit and what it can do, and then hopefuly make a better decition on whether to stay or to leave.

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