The Emotions


People have diffrent emotions towards Brexit. This might include confusion, anger, sadness or many other suggestions .

But basically we need to be smart with what we say in the Brexit. Maybe we vote for something and get decieved by another person. Or maybe, we can actully vote for something' then it turns out to be negative for us! This is when we have to be persuasive with what we say.

"I am really sad, I feel very lonely, I hope one day my family comes together. My mum says she hates me and that she wants the UK to leave the EU. My father said he had enough, and now he's in prison, for saying something rude about Brexit. And I am now living by myself, and I don't know what to do, I am a remain voter, and I really need to go to France to start my new workshop, but if I vote for remain , my mother will leave me!"

This is what a teenager might say, but what about an old man or lady, ”I am completely fuming about what’s going on with Brexit. I want us to leave the EU, otherwise we would have serious problems between us and the European Union.”

But some people might ask, what about the ’confusion’.

” I feel confused. In another world. Whenever an idea pops into my head, I refuse to agree with it. I just feel myself in a world of violence and confusion!”

These are interviews of only a few people who had different emotions towards Brexit.

Can you find or create a story about someone in Brexit? Make sure you include their emotions!

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