The only sane decision


What is a democracy?

I'm sure you all know the answer,but people seem to be taking this term too literally and it has boiled down to people thinking that direct democracy is the only kind applicable toto issues that affect our society, but I can assure you this is not the case.

Within our government we have dedicated sectors of professionals working day in and out to meet the public standards, and though they cannot do this effectively every time (we are all only human after all) without them we would not make decisions atat all due to lack of direction and participation. Though we do value the public, two things remain constant:

1. Their opinions change shift quickly

2. They can lose interest quickly

This causes decisions to be made slower, and can be reverted in an instant with no further thought.So why should we do this when we have asked body people already doing this?

That is the question I'll leave you with, consider my point and think of those who already work hard to achieve these goals.

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