The reason why i choose direct democracy


Why do i prefer direct democracy?

I prefer direct democracy because everyone is shared equally and gets to have a referendum on what they suggest. Although not everyone decides on direct democracy. There are other people who really think that it is better with indirect democracy because we leave it to the MP's ( Member of Parliment) and they would know better but will the people who chose indirect democracy always would trust the MP's? they might tell right we've got the result and maybe they didn't like what the MP's voted on and it would take a long time for the MP's to really understand on what to pick. For example: When Brexit happened, the vote was 48.1% staying and 51.9% against and now the MP's still are having troubles with deciding when to leave the EU ( European Union) or stay. They have had lots of meetings together to descus about Brexit and when to leave, Theresa May wasn't doing a fantastic job because she was telling other people to back her up with the point of what she was saying to convins the MP's to follow on what she tells them. They had finally chose a date but Brexit might not even happen! That's why I choose direct democracy but only when the MP's just make a decission with the vote and keep with it.

Why do i not prefer indirect democracy?

I don't prefer indirect democracy because it gets challenging when the MP's get up and have debates on what to choose for the country or place. For example: If you didn't like on what the MP's chose and you thought that it was a good decission on to let the MP's, then you would be disappointed about it and there would be no way back and if it happened a couple of times then you would say ' no i wont let the MP's decied anymore'. It isn't always good to decied on indirect democracy because allot of times other people choose and say that imature people then vote then the professionals like the MP's. There are no professional people or imature people we are just people and help to vote so maybe if we vote on something good, then better things would come out of it.


  • What did you pick indirect or direct democracy?
  • Have you changed your mind about other peoples opinions?
  • Have you got any examples of direct or indirect democracy?

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