The news that i have read today is a bit shocking and will make a big impact on Brexit. "Theresa May admitted Britain was in crisis yesterday as she prepared to beg for a Brexit delay of up to two years.The Prime Minister was said to have told cabinet meeting that speaker John Bercow had plitted parliament against the people on Monday by blocking a new commons vote on her withdrawal deal without major changes."This means that even now the prime minister is in a place where she is practically begging for a two years delay.I think that now people are realising what they have done and now are asking for delays which is a bad thing for the country and the members of the EU.There must be a reason as to why Mrs.May is wanting a delay: not 1 month not 2 months but 2 whole years.As i heard i think Mrs.May refused to tell her cabinet how long of a delay she requested in the letter she sent to the EU.Basically,now we know that even the UK may get caught in the 'crises'.We will need to know what is happening. People in the parliament are urging Mrs.May to exit with a no deal however others are urging her to exit with a deal.We will have to see what our future will turn out to be. We all are curious about the news and have many questions in our head again.We will have to follow the news to see if we leave the EU on the 29th of March or will we have a 2 years delay. If we do have a 2 year delay we may end up with many more difficultys and we may have another financial crises after the last one we had in 2008.We do not want to end up in a financiial crises after we have heard all the disadvantages in one of our half term so hopefully Brexit will bring a good change to our lives even though we are sure 90% that it is not going to bring a good change.However,we do not know the answer for this question but we do have the right to follow the news and see what will happen with the delaying or not.As i said earlier in my post that Mrs.May refused to tell her cabinet how long of a delay she requested in the letter she sent to the EU.This worries me a bit because Mrs.May has done most of the things that are related to Brexit with her cabinet but this time she refused to tell them the delay she wanted.Why does she not want to tell the lenght of the delay.Maybe she is worried that the cabinet may refuse and disagree with her idea so she is doing it alone.

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