In this issue i will be talking about the news that has been on the front covers of the newspapers today."Brexit mired in crisis as MPs snub May yest agin and no deal,new deal and delay are all still on the table"." The future of Brexit was thrown into deeper uncertainity as Theresa May suffered another crushing defeat in the commons last night.MPs voted by a majority to reject the deal she agreed with the EU.But she told them they must now decide how to resolve the impasse , with Brexit only a fortnight away. " This peice of news tells us that Mrs May is having some issues with getting a deal and that this whole British Exit (Brexit)will have a massive impact on our lives another part which I red tells us that Mrs May does not agree with the idea of leaving without a deal and having an extension"Tonight they will vote on leaving with no deal.And if that is rejected too,they will have a chance to vote tommoerow on delaying Britian's departure from the EU by extending article 50."But Mrs May warned:"Voting against leaving without a deal and for extension does not solve the problems we face."This means that if we leave without a deal and have an extension we will not be able to solve the problems we have right now but also we won't be able to solve the new problems that may appear or occur."The EU will want to know what use we mean to make of such an extension and this House has to answer that question." This tells us that even if we do leave with no deal and take the extension the Members of the EU will want to know why we need this extension as a country and what will we use this extnsion for to make it useful for us and how it will be useful for us.Does this extension which to revoke article 50,Does the extension mean the we might hold a second referendum,or does the extension wants us to leave with a good deal but not this deal that Prime Minister May has made? All these questions we have in our heads but will they get answered?Will our questtions answer the impacts and changes we may have in our school life,college life and life in general.We hope we get all our questions answered so that we know the impacts of these deals and most importantly THE BRITISH EXIT(BREXIT).

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    14 Mar 2019

    Well done for keeping on top of this week's news! Have a go at answering some of the questions in this post:

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