I`m sure all people wouldn`t agree with me but voting is very difficult at times especially with the biased comments and celebrity votes which make you consider your decision again.It can be also very hard to stick with the majority vote made by the people of the country because you didn`t want that .Hear i`m going to tell you what I think of voting and what could change.

Voting can be tough and can cause alot of drama in your for example, some of your friends think different and you don`t want to change your vote but depending on how they are ;they might think you are selfish and don't want to talk to you anymore and you know that every vote counts but really you want to make amends with your best mate. If you don`t figure out something between you guys you can be expecting a lot of conflict and fued. Yes just from a vote.

Voting can also be a mind-whipping challenge to face as it can be puzzling who to choose or what to choose maybe you don`t know anything about it thats pretty hard but what can be more lauboring then that . Well you can actually have peer -presure which involed in our previous issue and biased comments. Friends or strangers can try and force you to vote or tell you that you have to follow the family so you get absouletly no freedom speech unless you agree with the voting plan. People can also threaten you in a harmful way aswell.These types of democracies are called flawed democracy so when you think about it isn`t actually what your want.

I also think that if you are 9 and above you should be allowed vote . People think that children can be easily persuaded and that we don`t even know what is happening. I strongly disagree with that because for example, burnet news club is a way we could get heard and we are not treated like we are foreigners who don`t understand anything. If we didn`t know anything about adults can let us know or show something that can explain it.On the other hand hand, those who have the vote sometimes don`t vote because they feel they don`t know enough to really have an acceptable vote.

You might not get what you wanted maybe because you actually never got the vote because when the vote was happening you might`ve been 17 and a week later you turned 18 and that was very frustating for you or other reasons.I would advice that you just get on with what the majority have voted for and try and see if you can get the priveliges that you were ment to get with the majority opposition by contacting your local MP and they can bring it up in parliment.Yep you can atually do that all you have to do is go on a website that can find your local MP.Then contact.Or you could either start a campaign or join one and hope your more people will get involed and your voice will be heard.You could also organise a march if you feel that passionate about it or as I mentioned earlier join one.

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