We Stand Together


Some of you may know that there has been a petition against leaving EU- European Union. It is going exceedingly well, with over 6 million people signed and continuing.

I think that this is a good thing because over the course of the Referendum to now, many people have changed their minds for two main reasons that I know of:

1. They didn‘t know.

During the time of the vote, there was some false information saying that if we leave the EU the NHS would get more money but it was a lie. Dominic Cummings came up with the campaign for an extra £350 million to be spent on the nhs every week from EU spending. The UK statistics authority has since said, “this was a clear misuse of official statistics.“ Nigel Farage said it was a mistake. A poll by iposis MORI in 2016 found that nearly half the British public believed the claim. Some people only chose to leave because of this inaccurate information.

2. They just changed their minds.

Now that people know the arguments and the disagreements caused by “Brexit“ they might not want to leave any more. I think this because now the Rebulic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will have trouble making a decision on how to create a broader between them.

This post is called “We Stand Together” because people have worked hand in hand to preach what they want.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    01 Apr 2019

    I have given you a star for your two good reasons.
    Do you think it's okay to have another vote because people changed their minds? How might the people who voted to leave in the first referendum feel if there's another vote?

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  • New-Horizons-logo-250x250.jpg generous_recipe | New Horizons Children's Academy
    01 Apr 2019

    I do not think there will be a second vote because the members of parliament are thinking of a new deal, so I think they did not take this into consideration. However if there was to be a second vote the people who voted to leave would be frustrated because they already made a vote and probably does not want to change it.

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