What do we know about Brexit?


What do we know about Brexit?

Brexit stands for British Exit and is all about if we should leave the EU ( European Union) or stay.

My opinion is that we should stay in the EU because it doesn't matter if people from different countries come and use money, even if they did vote to leave the EU then the people who live in England are doing something bad for them aswell. For example: If they wanted to buy something from the shops, then it would cost mo.re than the usual price and if you tell them that you are from England, then they might not believe you.

Direct democracy is when everybody gets to vote but some people might think that it isn't right so there is indirect democracy when we only let the MP's or sometimes special people to submit on what they prefer about it. We also know that the vote was really close in 2016 with 48.1% voting to stay and 51.9% voting against it.

If you would like to tell the BNC team and everyone else about Brexit that we might have not known yet then it would be a pleasure if you wanted to make a post about it or in the comments.

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