Some people think that it will be good to leave the Europeon Union. But some people think different. You see if we leave then Britain can finally make some choices for ourselves and maybe live under our circumstances.On the other half,maybe it is a bad thing we go because it will be harder to go on holidays or trips. Also,we may not get the traded fruits we get from different countries. I am only one person out of millions that has an opinion and i can see the pros and cons to both sides of the debat. This is why I think it is important for everyone‘s opinion to be heard. That is why I believe in a democracy and every voice should be here. Make sure you comment what you think will happen and if we will leave or not?

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  • Highdown-logo-250x250.jpg loving_quince | Highdown School
    27 Feb 2019

    I think that we should stay because it means that are lives can continue as we already are. It would also be even easier to do it quicker because it doesn't mean that there would be as much of a hassle in our lives with Brexit going on.

  • The-Morley-logo-250x250.jpg healthy_musician | The Morley Academy | United Kingdom
    27 Feb 2019

    Referring to another comment I wrote, there is talk of going back on our original idea of leaving the European Union on 12th March which is only 13 days away. I believe that if we do this then we are completely going back on democracy our choice was to leave and that should be final. Members of Parliaments swear by democracy as that is what our government all evolves around, meaning that if they rejected the idea of democracy by supporting a second referendum then they are supporting a non-democratic country.

  • Cowes-logo-250x250.jpg astounding_currant | Cowes Enterprise College A | United Kingdom
    01 Mar 2019

    I would like to raise that fact that what will happen to us giving foreign aid if we leave the EU ?
    In some parts in the EU, useful things like new clothes, books and toys for kids would be harder to donate or even donate at all. I think it is important that we give out things like these because if we don't, who will? In a kids childhood, they should only have to worry about grades and jobs not food, shelter and clothes! The suppliers of the donated goods would take twice as long to get to the towns because of Britain leaving the EU.
    Yours faithfully,

  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg authentic_moon | Noel Park Primary School
    01 Mar 2019

    I think to let everybody vote and to not let only a group of people vote! also to make sure not to use online voting because not many people go to online voting apps also making sure that people have id's so that they are at the right age and making sure that its not the same person twice!

    1. Bruche-logo-250x250.jpg brave_blackberry | Bruche Primary School | United Kingdom
      authentic_moon's comment 05 Mar 2019

      I agree with letting everyone vote and not just a group. Online voting is not the safest way to vote because something could go wrong with the site or someone could hack into the system and put as many votes as they like. Although online voting may not be the safest it is an easy access for people who may not have time or have a disability. Thank you for your opinion and I welcome more opinions.

      1. Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg authentic_moon | Noel Park Primary School
        brave_blackberry's comment 29 Mar 2019

        Thanks for replying brave_blackberry!

  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg faithful_dragonfly | Noel Park Primary School
    01 Mar 2019

    I think we should stay in Europe as we don`t have more advantages of getting good food to eat and it would me expensive to go to different places as it is not as near to us than it used to be which will make it expensive to purchase.

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