what is going to happen next ?


The now current problem in that parliament are the current indicative votes that are being thrown-round. The point of this post is to explain to you the four most of the solutions that have been brought up what they mean and how largely they have been out-vote.

Customs union

The customs union is the commitment to negotiate a long-lasting and wide customs union with the EU in any chosen Brexit deal, unfortunately this was outvoted 273 for and 276 against.

Common market 2.0

This gives us a UK membership of the European free trade association (also known as the ‘EFTA’) and the European Economic Area (EEA). This was outvoted 261 for and 282 against.

Confirmatory public vote

This would mean that ‘we’ get a vote on the Brexit deal this would be an amazing last-minute decision but unluckily for us it got outvoted 280 for and 292 against.

Let parliament decide the way forward

This gives parliament the right to extend article 50 so they can decide on the next steps of the Brexit deal this was outvoted 191 for and 292 against.

So, if you could be in parliament what would you have voted on? Tell me in the comments.

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