What Will Happen To The Pet Food Industry After Brexit?


Pets At Home announced on Tuesday Pets at Home announced on Tuesday it will spend up to £8million on stockpiling on pet food and products to prepare for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit. This comes after chief executive Peter Pritchard said late last year that Pets at Home had started importing more goods as part of no-deal Brexit contingency plans.

Could Brexit affect the price of our pet’s food?

I think it could; as well-known Pets At Home company stated that they import 20% of raw meat from abroad, this could stop due to Brexit. The prices will rise, as the cost of them using the agricultural products in the UK is significantly higher.

How will Brexit affect the quality of our pets’ food?

Quote from a Pets At Home worker, "It is about where we want to be as a global player in the future. Currently we have rules in the EU that dictate what materials we can use, how we manufacture and how safe it is. Those are some of the highest standards in the world.” This means that the materials they use to make food will be different, yet we don’t know if they will be tastier for our pets.

I think the pet food industry will not be as good if we leave the EU because of the meat, the higher price of money and the materials themselves.

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