Who is accountable for brexit?

One of the big questions on Brexit is, who is solely accountable for it? Many people think that the person accountable for brexit –by default- would be David Cameron, I can see why people would think this, David Cameron originally suggested the brexit referendum (probably to get people to vote for him before then stepping down, so that it would be someone else’s problem) therefor is solely responsible for the Brexit deal, however! Many people also think that it would be Theresa may would be the one who lies accountable for Brexit for she is currently the prime minister so she is then held responsible for the current state of the country and in this case Brexit.

A very interesting opinion would be that finger should be pointed at not Theresa may but the conservative party its self because they all are Brexitiers who voted out and are now banding against the prime minister and are causing much disruption in the current affairs of parliament. Finally for an obvious reason the voters who voted to leave the EU would be responsible for brexit.

Who do you think is responsible? Tell me in the comments.

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