Who should make the decisions?


Before the vote for Brexit, most people (including myself) had no idea what Brexit is, or what would happen, or what it would cause... all they were told is that the NHS would recieve around 3,000,000 pounds. So, people thought "that's good, the NHS and hospitals need more money, so if we leave, they get it". What these people didn't realise though, was what else this would bring.

If you and your friendsw wanted to play a game but you wanted different ones, what would you do? the most likely answer would be that none of you would be more superior to the others, so you would all vote and decide that way. In Politics, this is called a democracy; when the public vote and decide from there. It was this vote that lead to leaving the EU.

However, no-one was told anything about Brexit really, so what would you do? From your point of view, it would be "stay and things would be normal or leave and give money to the NHS". This could be the reason why most people voted out. Another reason could be "I have no idea what the heck is happening so I'll go for option B and hope for the best".

but should we be allowed to make all the decisions in a direct democracy or should we trust the government?

although as the public we know more than the government how things would effect us because its us that it would be affecting, but the government have spent their whole lives preparing for this. what do you think?

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