Why direct democracy isn't always the answer

In my opinion, not all decisions that affect society should be decided by direct democracy because I think there are some decisions that would be harder for the general public to get their head around. For instance, you can't expect everyone in the UK to be well informed about the current Brexit situation. But before we start, I want to clarify that direct democracy is when the citizens of a country directly vote on an issue. An example of this is when Scotland had a referendum to decide if they should be an independent country from the United Kingdom.

Another thing to bear in mind is referendums will feel less and less relevant as time goes on because previous elections that would be carried out in parliment would now be left to everyone else. People would feel less inclined to vote since the referendums will lose meaning to them. However, it may be a good idea, as the government would be able to get a more well informed decision since you could ideally hear what every UK citizen thinks compared to what 650 MPs have to say, which is only 0.00098425196% of the British population! But I think there are still many problems with this. Firstly, that would be in an ideal situation and fewer and fewer people will participate in each referendum because they will get bored so they will soon opt out of it so you will have the problem that you were trying to solve.

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