Why does the majority of England want to leave?


Brexit is coming up. But my post today is about why do the majority want to leave. Most of us, I'm imagining, know that England and Wales have decided to leave whereas, Scotland and Ireland have decided to stay in the EU.

Have you ever thought why the majority of people want to leave?

It's because everyone in the EU has to pay a membership fee inorder to stay. But this caused a lot of chaos. Many people in the UK think we're paying to much money to the head of the EU, in Brussels. And that made people's minds go crazy. The reason we give this money is for people in other countries in need. Every country needs to pay a fee, but some, need to pay less because they don't have as much population or industries as, for expample, London.

I think we should be able to keep that money because we worked hard for it. So leaving, maybe, isn't such a bad idea. We are paying a lot and it just isn't fair.

Please let me know what you think.

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