Why the referendum may have represented our country incorrectly.


It's the 24th of June 2016. Everyone is walking up to a new decision which will rock society and the economy. Whether or not we will leave the European Union. Millions check the news to uncover the result of this monumental event.

We're leaving. Its 52% to leave and 48% to stay. These are out of those that actually voted. 27% of the population didn't vote at all.

But I think we should have stayed, not just as an opinion but as a fact.

Think of it this way: Person A thinks that we should leave the EU. They believe that it will benefit their business. Person B doesn't want to leave because it will mean that it will be more of an issue to go to Spain where they have a property. Person C doesn't care either way, they don't really know what it means and aren't bothered. Theoretically, we can assume that Person C doesn't want anything to change which would mean wanting to stay. Around 27% of the population didn't vote. So...


  • 27 ÷ 2 = 13.5
  • 52/100 - 135/1000 = 38.5% of the population voted leave.
  • 48/100 - 135/1000 = 34.5% of the population voted stay.
  • 38.5% + 34.5% + 27% = 100 %
  • If the 27% theoratically wanted to stay then 34.5 + 27 = 61.5% wanted to stay against the 38.5%.

Some may argue the other way saying that those who didn't vote wanted to leave but that seems unlikely because you would have to have an active opinion to want to leave and most likely would have the effort to support the effort for leave.

This is, of course, only theoretical and many other factors may have affected those that could have but didn't vote like transport issues or urgent meetings so this is not a real model of how the referendum had turned out had everyone voted.

Despite the reasons why this is only a theory I believe that this shows that people should be more educated before placing, or not placing, their vote. For example, teaching children the effect their vote later in life can have on the country so placing and making a decision is important or perhaps parties going door to door with informational leaflets, approved by other parties to removed biased info, for adults to read before deciding there isn't any point in voting.

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