Why we should have a second referendum ?

Should we have a second referendum ?

I think we should have a second referendum because they didn't give us all the information we needed so basically they lied to us. The first referendum happen Thursday 23 june 2016. We were told that NHS was going to gain 100 million but now there trying to get a good deal that might not even happen. Also i think we need have another vote because most of the population have changed their minds and noticed that they were lied to. So that's why i believe the United Kingdom should have another referendum that uses direct democracy like the first referendum did and lets the whole population in UK vote.

A referendum is a vote on a political issue in a specific country.

Direct democracy is when the whole population votes and it's not just the government voting. A example of a referendum in the UK that is not brexit was 8th march 1973 if Northern Ireland should stay in the UK or join the republic of ireland but they chose to stay in the UK.

Another reason we should not leave is that food and materials from other countries will be more expensive than now.

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