why we shouldn't Brexit


I think we shouldn't Brexit because Thereasa May keeps pushing the day forward on when we should Brexit and she was always making speeches on why we shouldn't Brexit and she got rejected every time she tried and she invited the Party Labourer so we can all make a decision on one thing and we are going to have to Brexit on the 12th of March. I also think we shouldn't Brexit because I don't think we should vote anymore not because I don't want to be fare because everyone else doesn't know how much Thereasa May does and the newspaper sometimes over exaggerates and they won't know what really happened so then they start voting and everybody starts hearing about it then they agree on it and the Priminister has to be fare so it just happens yet she knows that it is not true. I think everyone should start always watching the news so we can all agree on something that is true and the right thing to do.

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