2 Sides Of The Story

Climate change.jpg

All over the globe, every individual has their own opinion about saving our one and only homeland.

I /The top half: Some of them realised how cruel and reckless our behaviour has been towards our planet.Therefore ,as humans first,and as citizens second, they have stood up against this threat in order to take it down.I’m delighted to say that we take part in this category,the top of this artistic piece of work. We all agree the secret to assure our survival and make a change remains in our lifestyle.The upper part symbolises the fact that a simple initiative shows to what extent we are willing to contribute .

II/ The bottom half: It’s true that practical ways are numerous.But,a really limited number of people apply them.And this is what explains the absence of individuals down the drawing: The majority of society knows about this issue,a minority takes action.It’s heart-shattering to see ignorance and greed both spread among us.In this case ,this other category needs an urgent alert so that they can finally take part in saving the earth.It’s our duty to push them to join.How ?you may ask:Try to clarify your perspective to everyone around you .This way they are going to follow the same path.Accordingly,the number of activists will increase progressively .And as it says “it takes two to tango” which means that team work is the key to succeed protecting the world at all costs .

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