Final piece: The two faces of Earth!


Hi! This is flowing_mulberry!

Today, I'm going to use this drawing to talk about the issues that our planet🌍 is undergoing and suggest some solutions that could be useful if we act seriously and thoughtfully. The globe🌍 in the middle of the picture represents two faces: the angel's😇 and the demon's👿. We all know that earth is the sign of love and tenderness but in every pure spirit, there's always a monster👹 that can appear if we use it in an abusive wrong way. The beast👹 will just look for revenge🩸 that's why I drew an eye👁 in this shape. In Anime, which is a Japanese animation they use this eye to show death☠️ with blood-type colors💥 and fire🔥 inside it. Moreover. The mouth shows anger😡. In my personal point of view, I think earth🌍 is in a state of anger because we treated it without mercy. We threw our waste everywhere, we wiped out the forests🏜 which are homes for thousands of species, and rare plants🍀 and animals🐼. We polluted the oceans and rivers and destroyed the coral reef. We transformed the air we breathe into a source of toxins that threatens all creatures big and small🦠. We don't respect the rules that our governments👨‍⚖️ as well as the national organizations only because we want to be rich without thinking of the future generations⏳. Today we're paying a heavy bill for our greed. No place is safe for humans to live in. There is no clean water💧 to drink and no clean food to eat. Fruits🍎 and vegetables🥦 are full of toxins☣️, fish is full of cancers we can't even walk in the sun because there's a big hole in the ozone layer. On top of that nowadays you can't even sleep properly because of the space🌠 junk that surrounds the globe and maybe you'll see one just flying over your head 'idn' t it terrible? To express this I used dark blue and dark green to show deleterious the impact of pollution is. Man on the other hand showed how weak he is in front of the power of this angry😡 nature. Thousands of people die⚰️ out daily whether because of natural calamities or mortal diseases. However, it seems not too late to help save our lives if only we willingly take a few actions. We can build a safe world free from pollution. This goal is achievable if we are determined. I used the attractive bright colors🌈 to say that above any storm🌪 you can find the sunshine☀️. After all this planet isn't only ours it's loaned to us by the future generations⏳. So let us work together to make a difference. In my opinion💭, participating in cleaning campaigns will help us defeat pollution. In the same way, we should start consuming and buying organic and conventionally grown food instead of Inorganic foods as well as following the 3r's♻️ will change our outlook on life and start thinking about it positively🌈. Also, using renewable clean energy that is collected from renewable resources such as carbon-neutral resources like sunlight☀️, waves🌊, rain🌧, winds💨, and water💧 instead of nonrenewable resources like coal is better for a new clean world where we live in peace. And I believe if we are united without bullying or being greedy we can defeat pollution and live in serenity that's why I drew the eye👁 like this to show hope🌈.

Thanks for reading!😍

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