Hand in hand we can make the world greener


The environment is the nature in which we live and benefit from it and it is livings, water, air and soil.

Preserving the environment is a necessity and the responsibility of the entire society,especially as it has recently become exposed to a lot of sabotage and pollution,which has increased the environmental imbalance.

The environment is exposed to many violations that people throw into water, air and soil,which leads to pollution, killing plants and animals ,and the extinction of many of them .

And the truth is that if we imagine life without bees,then we will see that it is barren with no life,and if we imagine life without trees,then we will see lifelife pollution and full of factories and smoke and also there is no life in it , but if we imagine life without humans, it will be flowering full of trees and flowers without pollution or ruin.

To preserve the environment, many negative behaviors must be avoided,Including cutting and burning trees, because trees are the lungs of the world and the source of oxygen that,living things breathe.

Preserving the environment gives the world a more beautiful and brilliant image, makes it a better place to live and preserves the right of future generations to live in a clean and fit environment.

I hope our situation changes for the better and we strive to preserve the environment.

"Hand in hand, we can change the world and make it greener"

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