Is the world becoming greener?

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I believe the world is becoming greener because there are more global warming and climate change activists in the world, like Greta Thumberg. These people are making sure that the voices of the people who will run the world's voices are heard. 2 people I know who are trying to make a difference. Their names are [email protected] and [email protected] The world is becoming more greener, and if everyone in schools across the country took part, then the world will be full of environmentally friendly things like electric cars and energy efficient light bulbs. Things are invented for 2 reasons. 1) To make the task it should help with easier, and 2) To be made better. If the car wasn't modified, we'd all be driving big bulky things that kill the environment. The world is becoming better, but everything the world has built up, is melting away. We can't have governments ignoring what's best for us. We need to make our voices heard!

Thomas Kingman